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Saas / Software

SaaS & Software

Your team and you have built a great product. Your focus has been on product development and marketing. Now you have some traction and growing MRR.

Your need for financial insight is growing – are your customer acquisition costs acceptable? How profitable are your different tiers? Would hiring a developer, a marketeer or a customer success manager have the highest return for your business?

Who we work with

We work with both funded SaaS companies, as well as bootstrapped SaaS. We understand the unique challenges that both of these routes to success pose.

How we can help:

We help SaaS and Software companies plan their cash flow and realize their strategic goals - no matter if they aim to growth the bootstrapped route or the Venture Capital route

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Raising our Seed round with confidence

Datenna - ABEL Finance

Thanks to ABEL Finance, we are completely in control of raising our Seed round, and confident that we’ll close the right investor.

Jaap van Etten

eCommerce / Trading


You invest your time and money optimizing your product portfolio, your listings and your conversion rates. You push to rank high for the most relevant keywords.

Yet you're struggling with managing your inventory and your cashflow. One day you have too much inventory, but not enough cash to pay your team or the down payment to your supplier for the next order. Another day you run out of inventory, and you're missing out on sales and hurting your listing by being out of stock.

Managing working capital, cashflow and inventory are critical for sustainable growth and profitability of your business.

Who we work with

We work mainly with eCommerce and trading companies between EUR 2 to 40 million.

How we can help:

We help eCommerce and trading companies improve profitability, grow faster and improve working capital & cash flow planning.

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Finance is a real specialism – ABEL is great added value!

ABEL helps us with financial models and cash flow forecasts. Rob & his team played a key role with the preparations for Smart Life to attract more working capital. They are actively involved in the

Maurice van den Berk

Agency / Consulting

Consulting and Agency

You divide your time between marketing and business development on the one hand, and servicing your existing clients on the other hand.

You're pushing to get the billable rates of your team as close to 100% as possible, yet it remains unclear what margin you're actually making on which client.
Whether you run a PR agency or a B2B niche consulting company, the workload for your clients always seems to peak and drop when you least expect it - making it difficult to hire the right people at the right time.

Who we work with

We work mainly with consultants and agencies with 5 to 50 people.

How we can help:

We help consultants and agencies improve profitability, grow faster and improve resource planning.

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Much better clarity and less stress

I’ve created a very simple forecasting for my cash flow, following your advice. This is just amazing! I have a much better clarity on what’s ahead, and less stress too. Thank you so much for

Sylvain Boutry
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