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ABEL Finance works with a wide range of clients to help the grow faster and more profitable.  What do they have in common? Almost all are digital businesses. Almost all are operating internationally, often with remote teams.

We are especially strong in helping SaaS and eCommerce owners realize their maximum potential.

Below is a selection of our clients.


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This is what our clients say:

Much better clarity and less stress

I’ve created a very simple forecasting for my cash flow, following your advice. This is just amazing! I have a much better clarity on what’s ahead, and less stress too. Thank you so much for opening my eyes!!

Sylvain Boutry

Excellent Insight & Guidance

Rob was invaluable at a critical point for our business. He helped us prepare for a number of fundraising scenarios, after which we felt much more confident to tackle the task ahead.

If you don’t have in-house financial expertise I highly recommend Rob as a partner and advisor.

Dustin Laverick

Finance is a real specialism – ABEL is great added value!

ABEL helps us with financial models and cash flow forecasts. Rob & his team played a key role with the preparations for Smart Life to attract more working capital. They are actively involved in the business decisions of Smart Life. ABEL scans the situation, come with good advice and, very important, have the eagerness to help execute the plan.
They have the ability to make finance more understandable, so we got a better insight in our business and possibilities.

ABEL will remain closely involved in Smart Life’s business and help us to grow healthily and step by step.
Finance is a real specialism. And ABEL is of great value to us!

Maurice van den Berk

Some very interesting insights

I had a “deep dive” session with Rob and it was intense. Together we uncovered some really interesting information that was buried in the numbers. Now I have some clear insight into where the hidden costs are killing me and where there are pockets of profitability to be explored.

Thanks Rob

Mark Brenwall
eFinity Studios Inc.

Like the fog has lifted and I see clearly now!

Rob from Abel Finance is amazing! Not having a business background, I wasn’t sure what financial metrics were the most important to track and report on. He walked through our entire revenue model and mapped out all the important metrics. It was like the fog has lifted and I finally understand the financial side of our business on a much deeper level. I was a bit worried going into the call that I would feel embarrassed at my total lack of financial knowledge, but Rob immediately put me at ease and was able to explain complex financial concepts in a way that made them easy to understand. I highly recommend Rob from Abel Finance for any CEO / tech startup founder who doesn’t have a finance background!

Leanne Beesley

Who needs a CFO when you can have ABEL?

ABEL helped us prepare for a funding round.
They went way beyond the original scope (in a good way!). Instead of merely creating detailed and awesome multi-year forecasts of our SaaS business, they took on the role of CFO: helping with the investment pitch, screening of suitable investors, and much more. Since their involvement we say: who needs a CFO when you can have ABEL?

Tim Metz

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