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Financial Consulting

Hands on support to improve the Finance function in your business. From setting up dashboards & reporting processes to preparing budgets & financial planning. From improving your working capital to attracting financing to give you space to grow.

Strategic Consulting

Hands on support in setting your goals and the strategy on how to achieve them. We support in business strategy, scenario planning, exit preparation, as well as pricing and cost control strategies.


Hands off support for the business owner who wants to master the art of finance & strategy him/herself. We guide you through the professionalization or strategic change – whether it is setting up metric based management, fundraising or building out your 3-5 year strategy.

Financial Consulting - ABEL Finance

Strategic Finance

Financial Strategy


Fundraising support


Financial Modeling


Planning & Forecasting



Working Capital & Inventory Management

Cash Flow Planning


Reporting & Analysis

Reporting & Dashboard Setup


Cash Flow & Profitability Analysis


Cost Control


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Strategic Consulting - ABEL Finance

Event Driven

Reorganization / Cost Control


Scenario Planning


Exit Planning


Operational Strategy

Business Strategy


Planning & Forecasting



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Coaching - ABEL Finance

Finance Sparring Partner

Hands off, as needed, regular - hold you sharp. Ask the right questions and give the different perspective. Brainstorm and discusse those questions you can't discuss with your team.

Strategy Sparring Partner

Hans off. Where is the point on the horizon that you are aiming for? Are you on the right track to get there. As the neutral, trusted sparring partner we make sure you keep your eye on the ball and focus on what truly matters to achieve your goals.

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