At ABEL Finance, we believe that freedom is the ultimate goal. Building a business is the key to achieve (financial) freedom. We empower business owners to achieve freedom by helping them to grow their business faster and more profitable, by providing all the value a CFO.


We are not just 'Finance' . We truly understand the founders perspective on the numbers of the business, as we have been and are business owners ourselves. We have hands-on experience launching and growing businesses. We have lived, worked and built businesses abroad. Our strength is in SaaS and eCommerce, and in distributed teams.


We empower founders and owners to grow faster and more profitable by making better decisions based on understanding the numbers of their business.
That means we identify key metrics, set up or translate financial reporting so our clients truly understand their current performance. More important, we do financial planning, helping owners understand and control the future performance of their business.

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What ABEL Finance clients say: