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How We Work


We develop and offer online courses for those online business owners that prefer to keep everything in their own hand, or are constrained in their budget but do want to have access to our knowledge and experience

Done-With-You Programs

Do it yourself, but with the guidance of one of our advisers. Build up the expertise and get your results effectively without having to make all the learning mistakes

Consulting & Coaching

One on One guidance. We coach you to achieve your target in a personal and tailored way, or we help you hands-on to achieve your goals. Ideal for more complex and unique businesses

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Courses - ABEL FInance

Finance for e-Commerce

Want to get a better grip on the finances of your e-Commerce business?
Tired of running out of cash, just when you need to re-order inventory?

This course teaches you everything you as the owner need to know about finance to successfully use finance to grow faster.

  • Understand and manage cash flow
  • Difference between profit and cash flow
  • Sales & cash flow forecasting
  • Inventory planning
  • Financing options

In Cooperation with Mads Singers Coaching.


Dashboarding & KPI's

When you scale your business - your distance from the operations and all the details grows. Managing by metrics becomes critical.

That is the case for your marketing, your delivery but especially for your financials.

This course helps you:

  • understand what financial metrics matter for your specific business
  • understand the leading KPI's that predict your future financial performance
  • setup the internal processes with your team so you have the right information when you need it.

Launching soon - register now for pre-launch discount 

Financial Forecasting

Whether you are preparing to raise an investment round or making your budget and forecast for the next few years or months - making a clear, interactive and well organized financial forecast gives insight in the cash flow consequences of your business decisions.

A must have skill for every business owner without a CFO.

This course helps you

  • structure your interactive financial forecast
  • build the forecast in Excel without investment banking level Excel skills.
  • build a forecast that is ready to send to investors or your team

Launching soon - register now for pre-launch discount 

Programs - ABEL Finance

Finance Insight Matters

Through our sister company Insight Matters we provide Financial Reporting & Analysis
Together, we set your goals & identify the key metrics that will get you there. We track the metrics, give you the Insights  and hold you accountable in the follow up.

Fundraising Preparation Program

Get yourself AND your business ready to successfully raise your next investment round.
The Fundraising Preparation Program builds on the ABEL '2x4' method that helps you find and close the perfect investor for your business.

Cash Flow Check-Up

In a recession, cash flow and revenue fall faster than expenses. Are you ready for the next recession?
We provide you with a fully tailored report with key metrics and actionable advice how you can get your business in better shape for  the recession.

Consulting - ABEL Finance

Financial Advisory

Hands on support to improve the Finance function in your business. From setting up dashboards & reporting processes to preparing budgets & financial planning. From improving your working capital to attracting financing to give you space to grow.

Strategic Advisory

Hands on support in setting your goals and the strategy on how to achieve them. We support in business strategy, scenario planning, exit preparation, as well as pricing and cost control strategies


Hands off support for the business owner who wants to master the art of finance & strategy him/herself. We guide you through the professionalization or strategic change – whether it is setting up metric based management, fundraising or building out your 3-5 year strategy.


In times of crises you need experienced hands on deck to weather your business through the storm. No matter if this storm is internal in the business or caused by the external world.

We help online businesses to survive and thrive during times of crisis

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