SaaS & Software

SaaS & Software

Your team and you have built a great product. Your focus has been on product development and marketing. Now you have some traction and growing MRR.

Your need for financial insight is growing – are your customer acquisition costs acceptable? How profitable are your different tiers? Would hiring a developer, a marketeer or a customer success manager have the highest return for your business?

Who we work with

We work with both funded SaaS companies, as well as bootstrapped SaaS. We understand the unique challenges that both of these routes to success pose.

How we can help:

Management reporting

Set up or improve your internal reporting that forms the basis of your strategic and operational decision making.

Fundraising preparation

Get your company, product and mindset in shape to close the right investor


Rolling forecasts to prevent unwelcome surprises on your cashflow. We identify the problems before they arise, and support you in preventing them.

Strategic coaching

The financial conscious and sparring partner to ensure your strategy is financially sound

Cost analysis

Analyze your CAC, Payback period and Churn cost, identify the key priorities with the highest ROI for improvement

Scenario planning

Improve the financial resilience of your business by simulating different scenario’s and the impact of them on your organization and financial situation

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