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You invest your time and money optimizing your product portfolio, your listings and your conversion rates. You push to rank high for the most relevant keywords.

Yet you're struggling with managing your inventory and your cashflow. One day you have too much inventory, but not enough cash to pay your team or the down payment to your supplier for the next order. Another day you run out of inventory, and you're missing out on sales and hurting your listing by being out of stock.

Managing working capital, cashflow and inventory are critical for sustainable growth and profitability of your business.


Who we work with

We work mainly with eCommerce and trading companies between EUR 3 to 50 million.

How we can help:

We help eCommerce and trading companies improve profitability, grow faster and improve working capital & cash flow planning.

Management reporting

Set up or improve your internal reporting that forms the basis of your strategic and operational decision making.


Rolling forecasts to prevent unwelcome surprises on your cashflow. We identify the problems before they arise, and support you in preventing them.

Working capital

Optimize working capital allocation and support attracting external working capital facilities

Scenario planning

Improve the financial resilience of your business by simulating different scenario’s and the impact of them on your organization and financial situation

Cost analysis

Analyze your customer acquisition costs, your indirect costs and your true cost per client

Strategic coaching

The financial conscious and sparring partner to ensure your strategy is financially sound

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