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At ABEL Finance, our passion is the empower business owners to build better and more profitable businesses.

We believe the owners of small and medium sized businesses need and deserve the same insight in their number as big companies. They should spend their time on growing the business, with a skillful CFO providing the right information for their decision making.

ABEL Finance vision

We see Finance as a language. It is a way to organize and understand your business. Your numbers provide insight in your key processes, in your growth, in your opportunities and in your risks.

We believe that the best business decisions are made based insight in the business and its environment. The money spent on getting this insight is not a cost, but it is an investment. Insight allows founders and business owners to make better decisions that result in the creation of more value for the company and its stakeholders.

We see great opportunities for small and medium sized companies to build a business in a wide range of niches. Many of these niches span across geographic borders. A SaaS business can serve clients around the world. An eCommerce or FBA business runs a sourcing operation in Asia while running a marketing operation in Europe. This global reach makes business more complex, so owners need more insight.  ABEL Finance empowers business owners to get and keep this insight, and make better business decisions.

Our Inspiration

ABEL Finance is inspired by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman (1603-1659).

Most well known as the name giver of Tasmania, he also was the first European to set foot in New Zealand. He was one of the key traders in the heydays of the Dutch East India Company – the first publicly traded company in the world.

Abel understood very well the necessity of guidance during adventure, claiming that his compass is the only thing that kept him alive.

ABEL Finance aims to be the financial compass for SaaS and eCommerce business owners.


ABEL Finance was founded by Rob te Braake.

Grown up in a small town in the Netherlands, Rob became a global traveler. But what attracts him is not only the natural beauty but especially the socioeconomic landscape (for better or worse) around the world.

This passion brought him to Asia. With two M.Sc. degrees from Tilburg University in his pocket, he made several stops throughout South East Asia. Eventually landing in China 2010. It was ING Bank that brought him there - as the part of the International Talent Program of one of Europe’s leading banks - to translate its ING’s global best practices to its Chinese partner, Bank of Beijing.

Attracted by the business dynamics in China, he chose to stay in China and co-founded clean-tech investment firm SDS Ventures.  They launched several sustainable technology companies and took the role as Controller and CFO.

After staying in Asia for the better part of a decade, and seeing all parts of founding and growing a business, he started to look to his passion: finance & freedom

Our People

Because we believe in the freedom and independence that financial insight can bring, our people are free and independent. We work with a network of experts, with experience and trackrecord in various industries and geographies.

As we work remotely with most of our clients, our network of Virtual CFO 's is spread out over the globe. So what unites us as a team?

  • We have extensive experience in working in and with SME’s;
  • We have been educated or have worked abroad for multiple years;
  • We love translating the financial numbers into ‘actionable information’

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